Elements of a VPN Service

To warp a spell of a VPN, these are few pieces that VPN provider will require:


VPN Server

Established by VPN provider at different locations


VPN Protocols

To make the Tunnel



To Secure the communication by rendering it non-readable for everybody except the recipient.

How A VPN Service Runs?

A VPN makes a secure tunnel deploying the most powerful VPN protocols- masks your real IP behind one of its own- encrypts all your communication and goes via the secure tunnel allowing you to browse the web independently and securely.

Advantages of a VPN

There are many advantages of using a VPN. Some of the most common ones are listed below.

Exchange Your Real IP With An Anonymous One

When VPN was first created, the sole purpose of the invention was to make a tunnel between far away computers for remote access. And, it was a success. But afterwards, VPN became commonly used for switching between various locations IPs. Even today, the main purpose of a VPN is securing the real IP of its user by just masking it with one of its own servers.

Simply speaking, when we connect to a VPN, our real IP( given to us by the ISP) is exchanged by one of the VPN servers’ IP.

Encrypts Your Data

VPN is the instrument for Encryption. When you transfer your data through the internet it goes in forms of packets. These packets can effortlessly be intercepted by anybody using basic tools available on the internet.

Encryption is the layer of protection that makes it harder for intruders to snoop on your online activities.

Bypass Censorship and Geo-restrictions

Fast growing censorship and shrinking rights of Freedom of speech, need of a VPN.In many parts of the world, you cannot express your and opinions.

A VPN is the best answer to bypass Censorship and Geo-restrictions.

Protect & secure your WiFi connection

When you are browsing through public WiFi connection your total activity could be monitored and spied on.

When connected to public network, unsecured WiFi, all your informationwhich include sensitive data like credit card info can easily be siphoned by hackers. With robust and military grade encryption, a VPN provides safety and security during your browsing sessions and keeps your information protected from snoopers and hackers.