Jailbreak VPN’s Router Solution

Acquire Jailbreak VPN’s pre-configured routers and secure a broad category of devices with one VPN connection Only!

What is a VPN Router and Why You Need One?

A VPN router, unlike a standard router, is designed specifically to enable network communication within a VPN environment. It allows connecting and communicating between multiple VPN end devices with one VPN connection. Router doesn’t run an OS in the background. The technology used in router is called “firmware”. Not every software and application is compatible with router’s firmware. This is why you need a VPN router to use JailbreakVPN VPN.

5 Reasons To Get A VPN Router

Stay Protected Online

One VPN Connection For Whole Family

Configure Jailbreak VPN on your home router and give your whole family the best security and unrestricted internet freedom with just a single Jailbreak VPN account.

Connect With Friends & Family

Superior Security At All Times

Configure Jailbreak VPN on your home router to make sure you’re always secured right from the source.

Stay Protected Online

Save Time and Avoid Inconvenience

When you configure Jailbreak VPN on your home router, every device connected to that router will undoubtedly be secured with VPN, saving you time and effort.

Connect With Friends & Family

Secure Your Online World

Router VPN is like a ‘Bank Vault’ that keeps everything secured from external threats be it your photos, files or personal videos.

Stay Protected Online

Share The Love

Let your friends & guests be a part of the speediest VPN service - Jailbreak VPN. Make them experience unparalleled privacy and security by connecting them with your home VPN router.

BUY Router from Amazon and Manually Setup Jailbreak VPN

Level of Technical Knowledge – Medium
Cost Involve – Yes ($20 - $400)

Step 1

Go to Amazon online store and pick any WRT compatible router that is within your budget. Here is a list of some of the routers below:

You can go through the complete list at Amazon Store.

Go To Amazon Store
Step 2

You can follow our simple step-by-step guides to get your router setup!

Setup Guide



I Already Own A VPN Router

If you have a VPN router and wish to configure Jailbreak VPN, then follow the easy step tutorials.

How to Pick The Best VPN Router

There are plenty of options available so picking the right one can be a hard decision. This is what you need to know:


The Big 3: DD-WRT, OpenWRT & Tomato
Connect With Friends & Family


DD-WRT has a lot of OpenWRT’s attributes as it is modeled around it, like real-time monitoring, access control, QoS and the option to set up your VPN, all bundled beneath a user-friendly interface.


Based on the Linux kernel, it’s open source and customizable, assists bundle management and has lots of additional add-ons and utilities. But, not the easiest to install and use.


This router is partly free HyperWRT based, Linux core firmware. It is a slight, smooth and thin substitute for Linksys WRT54G series, Buffalo AirStation, Asus routers and Netgear WNR3500L. Its most remarkable features are:

  • Easy GUI use
  • New bandwidth monitor use
  • Advanced QOS and access limitations
  • New Wireless attributes such as WDS and wireless client modes