Supremely Secure, Encrypted, Zero-Logging DNS

At Jailbreak VPN, we run our DNS on every server for absolute invisibility

No Censorship

Zero logs

Block MitM Attacks

Advanced level Encryption

No DNS Leak

Jailbreak VPN’s Autonomous Anonymous DNS Servers

ISP’s DNS server or 3rd party services tend to monitor and store logs of internet users’ activities and deny access to specific websites. They are unencrypted and open to online attacks. Jailbreak VPN runs its DNS on every server. Jailbreak VPNs DNS servers provide the best level of encryption and ensure all your internet traffic is routed via the same tunneling protocol.

What is DNS - An Untold Story

What do you need to visit a website? A URL of course! You type the URL in the address bar, and it takes you to the site. Nevertheless, have you ever thought how it works? Now, IP address is a specific series of numbers for identifying every website on the internet. But, it is impossible to remember the IP addresses of billions of sites available on the internet. So, a Domain Name System (DNS) is the answer to it as it enables computers to translate URL or hostnames into IP addresses.

How DNS Works - The Complete Process!

The way it works; you type on your computer. The computer will, in turn, contact the IP address for Jailbreak VPN website. The request will be distributed based on the hierarchy of servers. Some servers will fufill the application, and some deny it. It is sent back to your computer once the correct IP is found. DNS server visual demo of how it works.

Autonomous DNS vs Third Party DNS

Features Self-Managed DNS Third Party DNS

0% Logs

JailbreakVPN designed its services based on a zero-knowledge DNS service. Therefore, we do not monitor or record any website hostnames that you visit. Third party DNS servers keep records of your online activities and in worst cases your data end up in the market for advertisers.

Circumvent Censorship

Government and Giant Corporation sometimes don’t want you to see certain content, and block your access by simply intercepting your DNS request (ISP’s DNS and 3rd Party). At JailbreakVPN, we use an encrypted tunnel so no one can intercept or examined your request. Third party DNS doesn't help you avoid geo-restrictions. Third parties can be influenced by government agencies and corporation to block access to certain websites.

256 Bit Encryption

Other VPN services encrypt your traffic, but leave the DNS requests exposed. At JailbreakVPN, we run our own DNS on every server that is why all your traffic, including DNS requests, will remain protected. When you use a third party DNS, your DNS request is un-encrypted. Even if you are using a VPN, still you are vulnerable to hacking attacks.

No Location Errors

Since we run own DNS on every server and you will get the DNS service from same server you are connected to so you will receive a proper and faster VPN service for that country. Third party DNS increase location errors. Let say you are connected to a USA server, but your VPN provider offers third party DNS from UK. It will decrease speed and increase chances of geo-blocking.

Avoid Ads

Because JailbreakVPN is a zero-knowledge DNS, therefore we do not inject ads or sponsored content into your DNS request and does not manipulate the website you visit. Free Third party DNS servers earn profit from injecting tons of unnecessary ads on the website you are visiting. Thus, making your experience worst.

Bid Farewell to DNS Leaks and Laggy Connections

Why use a VPN?

To become Unidentified and Undetectable

To dodge censorship and access the internet

You cannot do any of the things mentioned above from your VPN service should your VPN provider use a third party DNS service. Your online activities will be monitored and recorded on the orders of the government and intercept your DNS request to deny access to specific websites. But, don’t worry Jailbreak VPN is here to make your online access 100% guaranteed with no logs to boot.