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  • Can I use Jailbreak VPN for free?

    Yes, Jailbreak VPN Free Plan was, is and will always be Free! There is no trial and no payments plus no sign-up or registration.
  • Can I renew my free plan once it has expired?

    Yes, you can renew the free plan as much as you want. Every 30 days you must wait 3 minutes to resume your free plan again, or better still share Jailbreak VPN on any social platform and renew instantly!
  • What does "best effort" bandwidth mean?

    When it comes to bandwidth paying customers are prioritized more meaning they enjoy best VPN bandwidth policy in the market. So, we have to restrict our free users’ bandwidth from time to time. For free users, 3 Mbit/s is the minimum bandwidth, but there is no fixed cap as such.
  • Do you log the activity of free users?

    No, our system does not log anyone’s activity. No matter what plan you use, we maintain our strict privacy policy.
  • Will you log my payment information on your system?

    No, all payments are processed by external payment services, so no log is stored in our system when you proceed with payment. With Jailbreak VPN, you will always be anonymous because your payment information cannot be connected to your VPN usage.
  • Which payment models do you offer?

    We provide regular one-off payments, as well as subscriptions. We recommend a Jailbreak VPN subscription so that you can stay secure at all times. But, you can make a manual payment if you don’t want to subscribe.
  • Do you provide discounts if I pay for a longer period?

    Definitely! We provide 45% discount to those who pay for 1 year in advance.
  • Does your VPN work with BitTorrent clients?

    Yes, your Torrent speed is never restricted. You can experience best speeds if you enable dynamic port forwarding and tie your VPN client with our SOCKS proxy to the VPN connection.
  • Is account sharing allowed?

    No, one person per account. For your benefit, we provide fantastic bandwidth deals and so sharing your account will decrease the quality of our service and also violate our policy. In your best interest, be fair and don’t share!
  • Do you limit Premium accounts? Do you have a fair-use policy?

    Our premium users are not limited in anyway. They are free to use as much bandwidth as they desire. We do not have fair use policy: you always receive what you paid for!
  • When do you reset the traffic limit in the plus plan?

    Your monthly available traffic volume will be reset every 30 days from the buying date.