Zero personal data

To provide you online privacy we absolutely do not log any personal information to avoid legal liability. Since it is not our responsibility to monitor or filter your data, we never store any log file on our VPN servers.

Total Browsing Privacy

Your browsing behavior is neither monitored nor logged. It is impossible considering the way Jailbreak VPN is built. All usage data is entirely unidentified and has no connection to your public IP address or location.

Why is 0% Policy Important?

Fast growing surveillance and data retention laws make it harder to keep our online identity unknown. Your privacy can be threatened by VPN providers who keep records of your online actions and payment information as they can be forced by authorities to hand over your data. Jailbreak is different! No one can force us to hand over something we don’t have.

Certified By Independent Security Analysts

Jailbreak VPN always volunteers itself to be audited by some of the most reputed security analysts in the industry, who have certified that Jailbreak VPN does not keep any user records.

No Data Required For FREE VPN Subscription

Jailbreak VPN provides hassle-free subscription process. For Free plan subscription, no email ID or credit/debit card details are required. Download the app and start using Jailbreak VPN free for life.

Jailbreak VPN is Not Bound to Store Logs

With Malaysia as our base, local laws impose no obligations to keep user records unlike most European countries as well as North America & Australia. The VPN providers in those countries have no choice but to store user records because the law of the land makes it mandatory.