VPNs & Proxies Are Not The Same

Nowadays, we face multiple issues in the cyber world like privacy on the internet or censorship policies. There is a new challenge every day. There is hardly any peace as government spies, and mass surveillance keep tabs on our online activities. A lot of people turn to VPNs or Proxies to gain total internet control, but the problem is most of these users can’t differentiate between them. We will make an easy comparison to help you understand and decide if a VPN is preferable for you or a proxy.

What is a Proxy?

Proxy is a server which performs as a link between the user and the internet. A proxy server will route the traffic through its IP instead of your public IP. The traffic will be routed through a proxy server, and it will carry out your request. Censorship limitations by local authorities will not impact you as your IP will be hidden. But, encryption is not provided by proxy servers to secure the traffic which passes through them.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a more advanced tool compared to a proxy. A VPN ensures security and anonymity and censorship bypass. VPN builds a secure tunnel using various protocols linking your computer to your desired site on the internet. Moreover, VPN uses high-level encryption for all the traffic passing through its servers.

Ultimate Comparison Of

VPN - It provides 256- bit encryption, virtually sealing your online security.

Proxy - It does not encrypt any traffic making it easy to intercept and monitor your connection thereby jeopardizing your security owing to its low level of protection.

Online Privacy

With VPN With VPN all your online activities are wholly encrypted making it impossible for anyone to breach your privacy.

With Proxy, anyone can snatch your personal information.

With VPN, you can access any website from anywhere in the world.

Proxy only succeeds in specific situations but cannot help you dodge powerful firewalls.

Connection Speed

VPN - Your connection speed will not be affected as VPNs provide some great attributes like SOCKS Proxy, Smart DNS, etc.

Proxy - You are probably going to experience a slow connection while using a proxy.

VPN is compatible with all OS such as Android, iOS, Mac, Routers, and Windows.

Proxy is restricted to specific browsers.

OS/Multidevice Compatibility

Service Stability

VPN is 100% stable as it uses advanced tools to secure your online freedom, privacy, and security simultaneously.

Proxy is not stable because it can bypass restrictions but do not provide security.

VPN is reliable and secures all external network connections.

Proxy is not reliable as it can only be used to dodge restrictions.


VPN Proxy
Online Security 9.9 3
Online Privacy 10 6
Online Freedom 10 7
Connection Speed 9 6
Connection Speed 9 6
OS/Multidevice Compatibility 10 3
Reliability 10 5
Service Stability 9 5
67.9 35

VPN - Super Fast Speed, Secure and Easy

VPN is unquestionably superior in every aspect when compared to a proxy. Securing your online activities with anonymity, privacy, and security undoubtedly makes VPN the ultimate winner.

So, all in all, VPN is the answer to your online privacy and security.

Ultimate Winner