JailBreakVPN offers you a free proxy, so you can access blocked sites online and surf the web anonymously. If you're looking to encrypt your whole internet connection on your mobile device, then you can try our Android and iOS VPN apps.

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No logs. Zero. Nada.

JailBreakVPN is designed for the security and anonymity of our users. You won't have to worry about being logged or tracked. Both our VPNs and proxies don't log or hold onto your IP address or any user information at all. Our servers use the latest, up-to-date security standards and tools to protect our users from attacks and user information leaks.

Trusted by more than 500.000 users worldwide.

Over 500,000 people trust JailBreakVPN every day. From non-tech people to geeks, from youngsters to oldies. JailBreakVPN and proxy are easy to use for everyone. Our VPN can be used on both Android and iOS. But our proxy is used on any device that supports a web browser, including Macs, PCs, and smartphones.

Super simple setup.

You'll love how fast our VPN & proxy works. It's based on our proprietary algorithm. Say your internet runs slowly, you can use our VPN & proxy to increase download times and decrease waiting times. Get everything done faster and have more fun online. Skeptical? Try our VPN.