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Your Identity and digital footprint

  • Your IP address is
  • You are using Chrome on Windows
  • You are logged in on: Facebook

It is easy to reveal your identity and location with these simple tricks. Everyone can avail this information. Do you want that? We will never save nor disclose that information. However, some people have malicious intent, but hey we got you covered.You can be assured.

Just how safe are you right now?

Everyone can see your real identity and location through your public IP address. If it falls into the wrong hands your personal information can be used in fraudulent, illegal ways. Fortunately, Jailbreak VPN would never do that instead we are here to provide you privacy and security.

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You're being watched

No VPN means the websites know your real IP and location whenever you visit them. The scary part is the sites you’re visiting, the ones you’re emailing, and the things you are downloading are known to your ISP. Your online activity is stored under your name!

Get a new digital identity with Jailbreak VPN

We generate an encrypted tunnel for your online activity when you connect to one of our server locations. You are assigned an anonymous IP with your real IP discarded. Your ISP can’t read encrypted traffic and websites accept your new unidentified IP address. You’re privacy and security sealed.