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Jailbreak VPN hides your IP address, unblocks all website such as Netflix, encrypts your connection to protect against hackers, gives you total freedom in internet

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Break your firewalls and access every websites you like. Unblock websites restricted by your offices,governments,schools. Watch your favorite movies from Netflix, Hulu, BBC. Always keep in touch with your family and friends in Facebook. Unblock geo-restricted videos from Youtube. Enjoy true freedom in internet browsing.

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Your internet provider can see every website you visits. Hide your internet activity from any other persons without you. Encrypt your personal images and messages so that third party can not see that. Jailbreak VPN changes your IP address and masks your own identity with our own server to trick the internet that , not you but we are accessing the internet.

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Protect yourself on public WiFi

The easiest way to be hacked and monitored is by using a pubic wifi. Even though it comes from a established and well known company, they are completely unencrypted and insecure. 13.45% people who use public wifi has been hacked once in their lifetime. Jailbreak VPN encrypts your internet connection so that you are completly safe on public wifi and even we cann't see your data.

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