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Optimum Security

You can safely access the web whether you are at home, work or in public because we secure your internet connection by encrypting your data.

Complete Privacy

Prevent your internet service provider from spying on you by keeping your location unknown. Breeze through the internet privately with your public IP concealed.


Bypass government or country restrictions and relish the internet with freedom. Dodge irritating censorship and securely access any website, app or channel.

Forever Faster

Our goal always has been to build a VPN service that flies. So we offer gigabit speeds and use front line hardware and software, a few of it developed by us to get the job done.

NO Log VPN. 0.

Unconditional: Jailbreak VPN does not store logs of your online activity. Some VPN providers store logs which link events back to you. They could be passed onto law officials when ordered to do so which could put your life in danger. We can't as we do not have any. Easy.

Experience the awesomeness

You do not have to be a genius to get started with Jailbreak VPN. Go through our helpful guides to set up your device and get protected right away.

Servers Across The Globe

With servers throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia you can access the internet securely. View our global server locations. See our worldwide server locations

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